Do your employees get consistently recognized at work?

Posted March 24th at 7:00pm

I am by no means an expert in the topic of employee recognition. I don’t know everything there is to know about appreciating staff, nor do I try to promote myself as a people motivator. What I am finding in my readings, in my research and in discussions with people managers is that everyone has a different view on ways to recognize staff at the workplace and what I am realizing is that there is really no one true way to accomplish this properly. What I now believe to be true is that every workplace is very different and staff themselves are inherently motivated in different ways. Employees have different intrinsic reasons that make them perform at work each day. In addition, the environments and people around them influence a person’s work ethic, and how much someone excels in the workplace may in fact be brought on by what their superior does to acknowledge their accomplishments through positive recognition and rewards.


I started for two reasons. Number one is that there was no subscription-based service on the market that I came across targeting people managers that allowed for a convenient way to purchase products that they could hand out on a regular basis to appreciate, recognize and as a result motivate their staff. For all you readers out there that think this is just another quick-fix solution to a problem, I’d encourage you to try it before you rule us out. Subscription models are becoming increasingly popular amongst those of us that live in the same face-paced world. puts employees at the top of the list because it’s reoccurring and something that people managers don’t need to think about and procrastinate. That said, I also believe that what is offering may still not be enough when it comes to acknowledging staff, but it is a sure-fire way of making sure something happens at your office at the beginning of each quarter, and that’s huge!


The second reason I started is because people like gifts. I use the word “gifts” very loosely because we are NOT a promotional merchandise or rewards company - far from it in fact. Besides the products that arrive quarterly (by the way when you subscribe you get to choose if you want to hand out the same items or a variety of items to your staff), we also provide tips, advice, and ideas for people mangers who want to work other recognition techniques into their day to day operations more regularly.

Let’s face it, there are somewhere around 260 working days a year and if you take a moment to think about how many hours in those days are spent telling and showing your staff how great they are and that their work is appreciated, you’d likely be disappointed in yourself. Is the answer to proper employee recognition? I’ll be the first to say no, but it is a vehicle to get the ball rolling and we make sure you are reminded every quarterly or bi-annually that it’s time to do something good for your staff.  


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